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Texting While Driving PSA

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Governors Highway Safety Association Endorses Texting While Driving Ban for All Drivers

Governors Highway Safety Association Endorses Texting While Driving Ban for
All Drivers

SAVANNAH, Ga., Aug. 31 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The membership of the
Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) has enacted a new policy
encouraging every state to ban texting behind the wheel for all drivers. GHSA
Members are appointed by their governors to lead state highway meninblacktransportation.comsafety

According to GHSA Chairman Vernon F. Betkey Jr., "The action by the GHSA
membership is based on the fact that texting while driving is indisputably a
distraction and a serious highway safety problem. If every state passes a
texting ban, it will send a message to the public that this dangerous practice
is unacceptable. We can begin to change the culture that has permitted
distracted driving."  Betkey noted the recent study from the Virginia Tech
Transportation Institute influenced the GHSA membership action. That study
indicated that a driver who is texting increases crash or near-crash risk by
23 times. 

GHSA continues to have concerns about enforcing text messaging bans. The
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is expected to begin an
enforcement demonstration project later this year which the Association fully
supports. GHSA is hopeful that U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood's upcoming
summit on distraction and the NHTSA demonstration project will provide a
roadmap for developing additional enforcement strategies and countermeasures.

Despite these concerns, GHSA Vice Chairman Lowell Porter is confident that,
given all the focus on the issue, effective enforcement solutions are on the
horizon. "In the past, there were challenges enforcing seat belt and drunk
driving laws. However, the research and highway safety communities
collectively worked together and developed successful enforcement programs
like Click It or Ticket. I am confident that we can do the same thing with
texting bans. GHSA's new policy will help move this process along."

Chairman Betkey noted that this meeting is the first time in a year that
GHSA's full membership has met. In that time, texting while driving has gained
considerable attention. According to Betkey, "We want to send the strongest
message possible about texting behind the wheel--it is dangerous and should
not be tolerated." 

GHSA's new policy was enacted during its Annual Meeting in Savannah, Georgia.
The conference runs through September 2.

Cell phone and texting laws are posted online at

The Governors Highway Safety Association((R)) (GHSA) is a nonprofit
association representing the highway safety offices of states, territories,
the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. GHSA provides leadership and
representation for the states and territories to improve traffic safety,
influence national policy and enhance program management. Its members are
appointed by their Governors to administer federal and state highway safety
funds and implement state highway  safety plans. Contact GHSA at 202-789-0942
or visit

SOURCE  Governors Highway Safety Association

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